CRM is more than just a system... Athletics RM is a game-changer for your revenue strategy.

Developed for the unique needs of athletic departments and powered by Salesforce, Athletics RM is the solution to uncover new revenue streams, boost fan engagement and gain deep insights into buyers and donors*. Stop manual, time-consuming guesswork and start implementing data-driven strategies to secure potential buyers and upsell like a pro.

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Uncover New Opportunities with Athletics RM

Supercharge Your Athletic Department with Athletics RM: Unlock Revenue Streams and Boost Fan Engagement!


Revenue Growth

Harness the potential of Athletics RM's Customer Mapping feature to gain deep insights into your buyers and donors. Identify untapped revenue streams and uncover similar constituents who are yet to engage with your brand. Maximize season ticket upsells with Lead Propensity and Capacity Scores that pinpoint single ticket buyers with high conversion potential.

Boost Fan Engagement

Engage and captivate your fans like never before. Athletics RM enables you to understand your fans on a deeper level through demographic and behavioral data, empowering you to create personalized experiences and cultivate long-lasting relationships.

Streamline Sales & Fundraising

Accelerate your sales and fundraising wins with Athletics RM's powerful Sales and Pipeline Management. Seamlessly manage pending transactions, track progress, and measure conversion rates to enhance your targeted outreach activities.

Your Winning Formula


Our powerful client data platform designed to consolidate your data into a single platform. Manage your ticketing, merchandise, and fan attendance data at once. The power lies in its ability to generate a golden record, providing you with a transformative opportunity to harness predictive analytics.


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Grow revenues and manage your sales pipeline effortlessly. Gain a 360-degree view into the health and wealth of your program performance. Always know where your next sale will come from and never miss an upsell opportunity. 



Let the Affinaquest data experts “wear your polo” with our staff augmentation service: AQ Advantage. Allow Affinaquest to manage your data on your behalf and produce the right outcomes to grow revenues. Focus existing staff on mission-critical projects and never worry about resource constraints.​


Winners Don't Wait

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